Toddler Group-little Tots

Best Toddler Preschool in Kasavanahalli

Toddler Group-little Tots (1 Year – 2 Years)

  • Our toddler room is especially equipped to suit children from 1year -2years with all resources stored at a low level to encourage toddlers to explore with ease and at their own pace.We are one of the best toddler preschool in Kasavanahalli, providing utmost care to toddler group-little tots(1 year- 2 years)
  • Toddler preschool activities include singing, story time, dancing, simple creative activities such as painting and sticking, sensory play such as sand and water play, imagination games, messy play etc. Outdoor play will also be incorporated for this age group with pulling, pushing and wheeled toys being introduced.
  • Feeding and sleeping times and patterns will be adapted to suit each child and in accordance with their home routines which will be discussed and agreed with parents. Children are encouraged to interact and socialize with other children and daycare staff.
  • Time will also be allocated during the day for cuddling and affection. At this stage children have a natural curiosity about the world and their surroundings and everything they do has the potential to be a learning experience.

Learning through play is still of great importance but to ensure that each child’s needs are met; the Dazzling Duckling’s program becomes a little more structured at this stage. Our activity program encourages toddlers to explore their environment which has been created to stimulate their little minds. A special focus will be placed on language development at this stage ,making the toddler education better thus shaping as one of the best toddler preschool in kasavanahalli.