The Kindergarten

Best K G 1 School in Kasavanahalli

The Kindergarten (K G 1 : 4-5 YEARS / K G 2 : 5-6 YEARS)

Our k g 1 education activities are specially equipped to suit children from 4-5 years.The two years of Kindergarten at Dazzling Ducklings are years of discovery and exploration spread over K G 1 and K G 2 making best k g 1 school in Kasavanahalli.  The Kindergarten curriculum is activity and skill based catering to the fundamental and developmental needs of every Kindergartner. During these years we help them to gain confidence, grow independent, and develop cognitive and motor capabilities. Their curriculum is child-centered, theme-based, experimental, activity oriented and multi-sensory modes of learning are used to develop the Language and Communication, Numeracy Inquiry, Gross and Fine Motor, Personal, Emotional and Social Skills and Creative Skills of the Kindergarteners making as one of the best k g 1 school in Kasavanahalli.

Domains of Learning:

  • Literacy Skills.
  • Language and Communication Skills.
  • Numeracy Skills.
  • Enquiry Skills.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Skills.
  • Motor Skills – Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
  • Creative Skills – Art, Craft, Music and Movement , Role Play and Drama, Creative Expression.


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