Infant Group – Little Treasures

Best Daycare for Infants in Kasavanahalli

Infant Group – Little Treasures (5 months – 1 year)

  • Our infant room provides warmth, security and fun for children between the ages of 5 months to 1 year. We are one of the best daycare for infants in Kasavanahalli, providing utmost care to infants.
  • It is important for children of this age to receive continuity of care, so the infant room staff will ensure your child’s routine is maintained.
  • A record book is kept for each child where we record details to share with parents about the child’s day at the daycare.
  • Staff encourage the babies to explore freely and enjoy their play activities in a safe, relaxed environment allowing them to develop confidence, independence and learning,making as best daycare in Kasavanahalli.
  • A variety of resources, activities and experiences are on offer for children under 1 year to aid their learning and development journey.
  • We will also work with parents on the introduction of weaning, hand foods and solid foods when necessary.
  • In general, we are offering top notch care for infants ,thus making us as one of the best daycare centers in Kasavanahalli.


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