Best Infant Care Centre in Kasavanahalli

Best daycare in kasavanahalli


Play is the heart of Dazzling Ducklings Play School and Day care. We are one of the best infant care centre in kasavanahalli. We firmly believe a child who is happy, safe and secure develops and learns with ease .Through daily routines and well-planned programs, we ensure each child works at a level appropriate to their needs and abilities making as one of the best infant care centre in kasavanahalli.

At Dazzling Ducklings Play School, we follow a specially designed curriculum influenced by Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, Waldrof Steiner, Reggio Emilia, STEAM and EYFS. Our curriculum concentrates mainly on the three prime areas of learning and development for infant education and children early education.

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Making relationships, self-awareness & managing feelings and behavior.
  • Communication & Language: Listening and attention, understanding and speaking.
  • Physical Development: Moving and handling and self-care.
Our curriculum also includes the four specific areas of learning & development as follows:
  • Literacy: Reading & Writing.
  • Mathematics: Numbers , Shapes & Time
  • Understanding the World: People, Communities &  Environment.
  • Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring various Art forms  and Craft works
Best daycare in kasavanahalli

We understand how important the early years are in the development and education of your children. We ensure that in this key stage of their early academic journey we prepare them for the years of schooling and education ahead.

At Dazzling Ducklings Play School and Day Care , we operate a Topic Program with new topics being introduced through-out the academic year .Some of our topics include: All About Me, My Family, Nutrition week, Senses week, Gardening week, Space Week …… and lots of other fun filled and educational topics.

During our academic calendar most of our art and crafts and learning activities are based around our topics. All classes from preschoolers to KG2, follows the same topic, just at different level catered to suit each age group.