Best Daycare in KasavanahalliBest Daycare in Kasavanahalli

Best Daycare in Kasavanahalli

The best gift we can give a child is wings!

And education gives a child wings as it trains the mind to think!

A home away from home and a window to unlimited adventures. That is Dazzling Ducklings,the Best Daycare in Kasavanahalli! Here young minds are introduced to the exciting world of playing and learning. Better place to make first friends and learn the first words.Fully packed with fun, care, adventure and learning making  as  a  Top Preschool in Kasavanahalli

We are Dazzling Ducklings,ranking among Best Daycare in Kasavanahalli. We offer early intervention education for infants  (5 months to 1 year),  toddlers (1 to 2 years),  playgroup learners (2 to 3 years),  foundation learners (3 to 4 years) and  kindergarten learners (4 to 6 years). Our specialization is excellent early education and childcare services

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn

– Maria Montessori

Our curriculum sets standards for the learning, development and care of children during their early growing years. At Dazzling Ducklings Play School, we follow a specially designed curriculum influenced by Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel, Waldorf Steiner, Reggio Emilia, STEAM and EYFS. Curriculum concentrates mainly on three prime areas of learning and development for infant and children early education.

• Personal, Social & Emotional Development

• Communication & Language

• Physical Development

We believe the mental development of a child starts from the early years. Parents and teachers play a very significant role in this period. By recognizing this fact, we work closely with parents to achieve the best outcomes for the child to get into the next stage of learning and most importantly get ready for school. Our children basic approach ensures that the little ones gain the essential life skills and knowledge through a journey of exploration and learning.

Children are little energy machines. Their eyes take in the environment. Also their mind absorbs everything they see. This is why at Dazzling Ducklings, play and learning spaces are filled with positives that stimulate learning, discovery and creativity.

Playtime is precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy and many other lifelong skills

– Heather Shumaker

Activities, exercises and games are a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor experiences which focuses on personal, social, physical and emotional development. Here learning happens in a safe and healthy environment. We have an outdoor play area that includes a sand and water play area.

Here,we say playing and learning never end. And learning is not just limited to the conventional areas of language and arithmetic. We aim to influence young minds and impart essential life skills. So that every child whom we educate, grows up to be well-rounded individuals who are smart, responsible, kind and generous.

All our staffs are qualified and well trained in various instructional techniques. Furthermore, we encourage and promote ongoing training and certification for all staffs at the school. And thus making dazzling ducklings the best daycare  in Kasavanahalli.

We ensure that your child receives only the best experience. They will show your child the right path with confidence and all the required skills.

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Best daycare in kasavanahalli
Best daycare in kasavanahalli
Best daycare in kasavanahalli

Our Specialities

  • Fun themed, colourful, bright and welcoming classrooms.
  • Healthy food on demand.
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Quality resources.
  • Separate sleep room.
  • Sand and water play area.